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At Udok, we recognize that health-care spending is fast becoming unreasonably high in South Africa. This includes medical aid contributions and patients’ out-of-pocket costs. If you consider that and all the associated costs, such as traveling to a doctor and pharmacy and not to mention absence from work, it adds up to a hefty bill quite quickly. Healthcare providers feel the pinch too; they chase high-output in consults and money is often wasted on unnecessary tests because there is a break in communication between healthcare providers. Should there then not be a system put in place that lowers healthcare spending for all, whilst maintaining quality healthcare outcomes? Of Course there should be.

Udok has the answer.

Firstly, our primary aim is to bring healthcare to the patient, instead of the other way around. We want more patients to have access to quality care and at the same time to lower costs for both the patient and the payor (patient, medical aid, government). We also promote the move from volume to value-based care by providing incentives for providers that follow good practice guidelines.

It is with this in mind, that the team at Udok developed a unique model to make this change possible without compromising any of the players within the healthcare system. Our system decreases waste in health care spending and lowers out-of-pocket payments for patients, whilst assisting healthcare providers in providing better care.

Udok has digital solutions that allow doctors to interact remotely with patients, facilitate treatment, and monitor care. Whether you are a patient, a healthcare provider, or a healthcare payor, Udok will benefit you.

Get connected to a network of health care professionals for your personalized medical care.

For Patients

Streamline your practice by treating patients remotely.

For Healthcare Providers

Analyze data, search for conditions, and monitor cost-saving performance.

For medical aid funds


When you register as a member, you benefit in several ways. Firstly, you can get unlimited access to health care providers when you make use of our dedicated platform. This empowers patients by giving them access to a service when they need it.

Secondly, when creating an account, you can load your personal and medical information onto the platform. With the information pre-loaded, it will be readily available for any treating healthcare provider that you allow to. Your information is safe; Udok implements stringent security controls and complies with the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act to safeguard your information.

After you have been seen by your medical provider, you can be followed up with the use of our video tool. Patients can connect with their doctors with secure text or video.

All of this is possible with our e-platform. You can either access the platform online using a desktop computer, or the mobile application using a smartphone. The mobile application can be downloaded from Apple iStore (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

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The Benefits of Telehealth

Video Communication

By using our direct, secure communication platform you have instant access to a health care provider from anywhere, at any time.


Schedule your own appointment online or through the mobile application with a click of a button. Get instant feedback on test results.

Health Monitoring

Enjoy freedom by having your health tracked remotely and on a continuous basis. This is especially ideal for patients with chronic illnesses such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart, and Lung disease.