Services for Patients

Live video consults

We provide you with instant access to a healthcare professional through our live video tool.

Care planning

We connect you to a network of healthcare professionals including specialists.

Remote monitoring

We can remotely monitor high-risk patients using approved medical devices.

Medical Records Systems

Carry your updated records in your pocket with the use of our mobile app.

Health Networking

Our network of qualified healthcare professionals are available 24/7 for your healthcare needs.

Out-Of-Pocket spending

Telehealth has been proven to reduce healthcare spending. Our model effectively reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Customer experience

Our products have proven to enhance customer experience. The patient is what matters most.

Corporate Wellness

Our operations include advanced technology to facilitate or assist with on-site wellness screening for corporate employees.

Secure interactions

Our platform enables patients to communicate with their doctors using a secure messaging system or live video consults.

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